The small steps (contact us, if You want to contribute to one of the items)

The big steps for the future (sorted by order of estimated completion date)

(1a) Vector Maps (ESRI Shape-files)
(1b) Change to map plugins, which would allow us to use commercial maps (if we find vendors, who want to sell their maps to people which use OpenSource SW. IF YOU ARE ONE, PLEASE CONTACT US!!!)
(2) Points Of Interest (Waypoints and Routes)
(3) APRS plugin
(4) Speech output (of data from 2 = implementation of flite)
(5) Desktop tool for maps and POIs/Routes
(100) ;-) real street navigation
(101) GCAS ground collision avoidance system (aviation)


  • Adding "map mode" to browsing maps (even witout GPS receiver)
  • Saving/deleting places/waypoints
  • Setting destination points (qpegps will display bearing and distance to destination)
  • Measuring distances between any points on the map
  • maps of different scales can be selected by pressing the "up" and "down" keys
  • the map which fits Your selected scale and which has the best screen coverage is selected
  • the "fetch" tab is removed => the "download","import" and "properties" buttons are now in the "info" tab
  • improved communication with the gpsd
  • gpsd is more stable
  • several minor bugfixes
  • GPS Status Page
  • graphical map import
  • download of maps
  • tracklogs
  • Map import und map download
  • added fullscreen mode for the moving map
  • INFO tab: Now the positions (after a click on the map) are displayed for all projections.
  • CONFIG tab: Search for the map directory is working now (qpeGPS has to be restartet after the selection of a new set of maps). Now You can choose the colors for the crosshair(and test), heading and bearing indicator.
  • 'cardctl resume' is called at the start of qpeGPS. This should wake up CF GPS devices
  • the "FRITZ" projection is working now (for scales up to 1:2000000)
  • if there are several maps which cover your current position, always the most detailed one is chosen
  • shortened the names in the tab bar, so the scrollbar went away
  • added a scrollbar in the config tab (former settings), so you can enter values with the "screen keyboard"
  • added a dummy.gif world map to the package => so everyone has a map at the beginning (This map is a "FRITZ" projection with the scale 1:80000000, so the shown position isn't correct :-(
  • The settings are now saved
  • initial release



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