What is qpeGPS?

qpeGPS is a program for displaying a moving map centered at the position read from a GPS device. It's an open source project aimed at users of Linux PDA's.

As of now, qpeGPS should be able to run under any Qtopia/Opie based device. Generally that would be Compaq Ipaq running familiar or Openzaurus (iPAQ H3100, H3600, H3700, H3800 series) and Sharps Zaurus' (SL-C7xx/8xx, SL-5600/SL-B500, SL-5000D/SL-5500) running SharpROM or OpenZaurus. Try it and send us a report if you like!

A note to iPAQ/familiar users: qpeGPS seems to run fine under Familiar 0.6.1 on iPAQ 3835, running any version of Opie (from the one shipped with 0.6.1 to the .99pre versions). problems have been reported with version 0.7pre!
Thanx to Robert Anderson for extensive testing on that issue!

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