Rikaline GPS-6021-X6 CompactFlash GPS card for the Sharp Zaurus


The Rikaline card runs at four times faster than the typical baud rate. As such the
default baud_base of 115200 is incorrect. The /etc/pcmcia/serial.opts file needs
to be edited. The line SERIAL_OPTS="" needs to be changed to:
SERIAL_OPTS="baud_base 4800"

Also a new serial_cs.o driver needs to be downloaded or compiled, and placed in
the right location. The binary file can be found here, for downloading:

Do not use Internet Explorer to get the file, use wget because IE corrupts the download.

Place it in the following directory (N.B. I run the Sharp 3.10 US ROM):
(Create the directories as necessary.)

Run the following commands, to give the file the right permissions:

chown root:root serial_cs.o
chmod 775 serial_cs.o

Before using the card, you need to load this serial driver module into memory:

modprobe serial_cs

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